Different impressions

How long it took … so long on the road.
Won and lost
found and lost again.
A scratch here and there and rarely in step
it has far exceeded my expectations.

Before the end of October the “normal version” comes out there is the chance to
obtain one of the thousand numbered very special editions.

In the form of a book with poems, photos, recipes, reflections, explanations, dreams and of course the CD.

A limited unique edition of a thousand “exclusive” for those of you who want something special.

Does your curiosity, warm heart and support goes that far that you want one of these “thousand” unique examples with assignment, signed and numbered copies:

It was an intense experience to work with Arnold van Dongen (guitars), Arthur Lijten (Drums & percussion) Martijn van Agt (banjo, dobro, guitars) Aram Kersbergen (Contrabass & bass) Benjamin Herman (Alt sax) Saartje van Camp (cello) Shirma Rous, Laise Sanchez, Kim Hoorweg, Robin de Nijs and Nicoline Pouwer (backing vocals) String quartet: Sarah Koch, Vera Laporeva, Norman Jansen, Jörg Brinkmann and Paul Pouwer as producer in the POWER SOUND STUDIO in Amsterdam with the more than wonderful arrangements by Erwin Hoorweg.


  • Papa (lyrics and music Paul Seeger)
  • Heart Of The Eyes (lyrics and music Paul Seeger)
  • Love Songs From The Border (lyrics and music Paul Seeger)
  • Who by Fire (lyrics and music Leonard Cohen)
  • Apache Junction (lyrics and music Paul Seeger)
  • Frozen Flowers (lyrics and music Paul Seeger)
  • The Stork (lyrics and music Paul Seeger)
  • Spaanse Schoenen (lyrics and music Paul Seeger)
  • The Waiting Room (lyrics and music Paul Seeger)
  • I fit be your will  (lyrics and music Leonard Cohen)
  • Beautiful Sadness (lyrics and music Paul Seeger)
  • Velvet Sienna Light (lyrics and music Paul Seeger)

Arranger: Erwin Hoorweg

Recorded at: Power Sound Studio Amsterdam.

Special thanks to everyone whom kept their believes in the project.